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Neil Milton

Language Artizzzt

Writer, DJ, Audio-Visual Artist

Neil Milton's Visual Art

Grafik Kntnt Grafik Kntnt Exquisite Corpse iteration for Co.lab (2020) Response to Roy Boswell work Redaction and customisation Neil Milton 206274357 Exquisite Corpse iteration for Co.lab (2020) Text Art in response to Alley Poole work 206273948 Exquisite Corpse iteration for Co.lab (2020) Response to Mark Schobben work 206269524 Dawg (2019) Graphics tablet 'ugly dog' image 206060436 Wabbit (2019) Graphics tablet 'ugly rabbit' image 206005706 Empathy for Artists (2018) graphic image 205660798 Future Skull sci-fi movie graphic 204398018 Vintech (twenty five) photoshoot graphic 203136189 Way back when (twenty two oo oo) fashion graphic 203123289 Livercooling Logo design 202574247 Still Living Digital still life featuring health and beauty products 204924273 Hold Your Colour Graphic for 'Paint the Town Green' submission 204955654 Buddha artifact graphic 204955666 'Skullduggery' artifact graphic 199463035 Dub Woofer artifact graphic 199463034 Your Little Bony artifact graphic 199463032 Bone Variations Conceptual album desgin graphic 199135243 Return to the Natives artifact graphic 199463033 Sideburner Photo manipulation 194061466 Duality Graphic self portrait 198949758 Woodarchy (Redacted) 206419097 Differently Enabled Able-assisted logo design 194113904 Ezzex Logo Design 198992132 Vegan roadster Conceptual car design 194061469 Dartfordshire Speculative county 202649726 Bazra Speculative town 202344836 Grayz Speculative town 204955660 Oxtegon Speculative town 201332076 Upmyzner Speculative town 198961494 Raynhmm Speculative town 202127876 Ornch Speculative town 196833282 Daqenahm Speculative town 196833281 Rmfrd Speculative town 206060439 Narch Speculative City 204835388 Casual sub, Barkingspeare the only way is through the dog door - graphic 194113905 Be Aware of God (dognose) Logo pun design 194061465 Ubermensch Speculative design 194061467 Jungle issst massive Jingle rewrite 196851274 Genetic Mutation 1 Speculative graphic 194061461 Genetic Mutation 2 Speculative graphic 194061462 Genetic Mutation 3 Speculative graphic 194061463 Genetic Mutation4 Speculative graphic 204955602 Zebracorn Speculative graphic 204754816 DATaSIcKness (excise) 3D graphic 194061456 DATaSIcKness jack 3D graphic 194061457 DATaSIcKness jacked 3D graphic 194061458 Glitchr (cometh forth to daddy) Graphic image 193711378 Triboelectric Graphic image 194114041 My lightbulb's gone grey Graphic image 194061460 scorpio rising Graphic image 194061459